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Hound/Lab beer labels

Started brewing my own craft beer the past year – excellent wintertime habit. Some of it’s even pretty palatable.

My favorite part of the process is creating the labels. First batch I ever did, my dog Tobey got ahold of & started chewing on the yeast packet… the last step in the brew day. Hence the beer was named Tobey Drool. I miss that part of my former life that allowed for creative freedom, so I’ve been entertaining myself with the labels and fictitious brand: Hound/Lab beer.


Band of Horses show at the Music Farm

[local /wp-content/uploads/2009/12/bandOfHorses-Funeral-December-28th.flv nolink]

The only positive thing to come out of my brothers departure from Charleston has been the fact he overbooked himself and couldn’t use his Band of Horses tickets. So I took one for the team and partied on a school-night. bummer.

About a year ago, these guys were hands down my favorite band. Their first album in particular helped me get through a pretty rough patch in my life. They’re Charleston locals, so every once in a while they do a “surprise” show with little notice. This was one of those shows – I think tickets were sold out before my brother even told me about the show. Hence why scoring his was a bonus…. Jeffy, this one is for you, their “pretend last song” of the night, funeral.

whigs show


Went to the Pour House last night w/ the little brother – haven’t seen decent live music in a while so it was a rare treat. That and $1 PBRs (let’s just say we had quite the beer wall by the end of the night). Hadn’t heard that much of the Whigs prior to the show, but they rocked it with two opening bands Mean Streets and The Features….

UPDATE: On future review, found this nice little jem of a song on my iphone. Jeff, wait till the end for some quality banter. Something tells me we drank some PBR that night….

[local /wp-content/uploads/2009/12/whigs-show-Right-Hand-on-My-Heart.flv nolink]

Kickball and beers

Week three in Charleston? or is it week 4?

Got co-opted into my younger brothers kickball team – AWESOME! Nothing like drinking a few beers and pulling out a quad kicking a stupid red rubber ball! We found out last minute we made the “play-offs” (pretty sure everyone makes the playoffs) so team super-bad took the field for one more attempt at glory. good times.

Also had my first going out in the Chuck-Towne downtown; Not too shabby for a random Tuesday night. This could probably grow on me….

as a footnote, the new job is an ass-kicker, which is good! and I’m still talking to myself as according to wordpress the site has 0 traffic, which is actually more coforting than one would think….