Facebook is making me stupid

Or: why important things get dumped off my timeline, while fart jokes and baby photos go to the top?

So let’s get something straight, I do not consider Facebook “serious” media. I don’t look their for breaking news. Maybe 1 in 100 of my friends posts a relevant view of humanity from time to time. Maybe 5 in 100 post an especially good rant. Mostly, it’s fart jokes and baby picks and spying on people you sorta use to know to feel like you still know them. And I accept this.

So again, Facebook is not serious. Shouldn’t be. 90% of the people there are just there are just voyeurs into someone else’s perceived life.

Nor do I profess to be talented in the realm of social media. I post on rare occasions, usually ignore friend requests, send belated birthday wishes, and don’t really check in with much regularity.

So this pissed me off.

Every-once in a blue moon I do have something that does piss me off. That combined with a few cocktails is a bad combo. So when John Oliver went on a rant on about for-profit universities, that kinda got me off my proverbial ass. I re-posted his petition against for-profit universities, added a few of my thoughts at the time, and patted my moral-compass on teh back.

Serious thought

Again, I have less than zero political affiliations, but when it comes to education and taking advantage of people, it hits my moral compass below the belt. I work with a kid who will be paying off his for profit art education for the next 10 years.

Am I right? Am I coherent? Does it matter? Apparently not, since that post never appeared on my timeline.

Now feeling a little bad about my outraged opinion, and breaking some unsaid social norm about everything in the world just being all fucking ducky, I posted something light hearted and stupid to balance it out. Scotch, scotch, scotch… I love scotch. Yes, an immature response to a moment of social clarity. Admittedly, I’m a balance of 10% smart and 90% 12-year old boy making poopy jokes.

I love scotch

So how did a serious thought get buried and a funny joke get liked? Is there a special genie behind the facebook algorithm trying to make sure people still like me and sensed a serious subject?  Apparently not.

When I looked the next morning and saw a bunch of notification my scotch post was liked, but not likes to a serious thought, I basically felt like an ass. Then I went through the phase of denial – maybe I stopped myself from posting it and it never went out?

working from hammock day

My timeline certainly says so… Look, it’s a scotch joke followed by a working from hammock photo…. As epic as working from hammock day was, I’m a little irritated that my serious post fell right off the face of even my own timeline, much less anyone else’s timeline. Weird shit.

Not sure how to finish this thought up except to say, thank you facebook. You are making us all dumber by the day. Somewhere in the near future, when mankind has stopped communicating with each other verbally and instead just stares at their iphone, we will all live in a utopia where nothing is upsetting in the world. Because if there is something upsetting or serious going on, nobody is going to read it anyhow.