InformationJunkyard is the outlet of Creative Director Brad Kaloupek for his personal musings about the life of a modern designer. It’s a mixture of formal & informal writing, with the occasional visual experiment thrown in for good measure. I’ve been publishing to it since 2005 with little intent of sharing it with others.

But why call it is an “informationJunkyard” exactly? Let’s dust off it’s original statement of purpose from 2005:

the name, and site, operates within a duality.

information represents the communication of ideas, a filter, and the professional aspect of the work. junkyard is a point of concept, an organization that has yet to be deciphered. this persona is where parts are found, awaiting assemblage, some with greater clarity and purpose than others. these forces are set in motion to play off each-other, and represent the creative pulls I understand as my own.

this site under perpetual development, as is its purpose.

So there you go, a decade old statement of intent. We’ll see how well that holds up.

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